Natives Petition Obama to Honor Treaties

First of all, read this:

This was the very first piece I dug up through a blog when I searched Google for current work on honoring the treaties. Now that you’ve all read my arguments in favor of doing that, you must get involved with your little typing fingers and sign their petition. If you already did while reading the piece, gold star for you. Should the above link not work for any reason in the future, the petition itself is to be found at:

At 2 PM on saturday 27 February, there are 314 including mine. Give them a damned hand! I want those of you who read this to comment me, at the end of two weeks, how many people you told and how many people did it. Keep records! It may become of some use for me to report this to the American Indian Genocide Museum.

Bloggers: copy the links and keep it going.





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Is from California, speaks three languages and wants you to remember that reading is the easiest way to practice thinking for yourself.

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