It’s official – country to change name to Insurance-Industan

What it actually means:

You thought it would never happen, especially not after our pal Obama was elected! Beside no candy falling from the sky, we also now have, under the language of the healthcare bill expected to pass in the senate, created a consumer dictatorship in which the health insurance companies have first priority to our money. According to several news sources, the “encouraging” bill, which the president has called a victory for the country, mandates that everyone has to have private health insurance or pay a fine, with no option to get it from the government like seniors can. According to te New York Times on 19 Dec, the senate version carries the following penalty:

$95 a year per person in 2014; $350 in 2015; $750 or 2 percent of a household’s income, whichever is greater, in 2016 and beyond. No penalty if the cost of cheapest available plan exceeds 8 percent of household income.

Think of it as King Insurance Industry the Cruel, and the federal and state governments are now the sheriff of Nottingham, running around strangling taxes out of working people.

The same article as above indicates that your all’s friends the democrats in the House would have the poor -who’ll need to get subsidized as in (2) below -barred from abortion coverage under the pretense that the feds won’t subsidize elective abortion. This assures the middle that there’ll be plenty of poor and ignorant in the future to do the lifting.

I predicted this years ago. Soon we’ll have a situation in which you’ll be fined or jailed or beaten for not buying Starbucks and Budweiser every day or not having a receipt for it. We’re already spiritually forcing ourselves into a consumerist state of being, now all we need is the material obligation to buy -buying at gunpoint, imagine. In this report I won’t even get into how individual senators are about to get away with money to put in their pockets and reportedly into their states for lending their vote to the bill, but will stick to the physics of health insurance coverage.

They’re already doing this coverage-or-fine system in Massachusetts, and guess what? Lots of people are paying the fine, because it’s cheaper than insurance. Duh! And it’s not just individuals, but small business owners as well. Now imagine how much money the government will be able to make by fining the fifty million people who don’t do the insurance thing now $100 a year to remain barred from getting affordable health care, money which they’ll use to escalate invasions of other countries. Hell, screw fixing the budget deficit, this windfall could be the dealmaker on invading Venezuela by 2014.

Anyhow, here’s the core of this report, a set of simple flow charts, with the arrow being your money, describing our options under the new bill.

1. You get health insurance:

You—-> Insurance company

2. You can’t afford to get health insurance, so you apply for financial help from the man under this new bill:

You—> Government (taxes)—–> You (aid)—–> Insurance company

3. You don’t get health insurance, and the proposed eye in the sky finds out and fines you:

You—> Government —-> Insurance companies (see help for people in 2.)

According to analysts on KUSP yesterday, the bill as it stands now was definitely written by lobbyists. All this won’t even come into effect, excepting the taxation that has to happen to pay for it, for approximately four years, so the next president will take the flak for what Obama did while you were all sleeping, just like usual, just like before you all elected Obama in your fit of religious elation. Too bad you didn’t have the foresight to elect non-asshole representatives.

But all is not lost. For one, we don’t know how the government will find out whether or not you’re insured. We do still have this thing called the fourth amendment. Perhaps insurance companies will offer a McDonald’s-scale plan with all the new business.

For another, the bill evidently makes it illegal to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions. Now they have no choice but to charge you thousands a month to cover your diabetes so they don’t lose any money, and you now have no choice but to bend over and pay it and be thankful, damn you, that now it’s illegal for them not to extend you the privilege.

What we can rely on, however, is that the poor will be blackmailed with this new law, since the poor have to show more paperwork than the rest of us. The government, under precedents existent today, can:

1. Make proof of insurance a necessity in getting food aid

2.Make proof of insurance a necessity in getting a driver’s license (hi kids!)

3. Make proof of insurance a necessity in getting a passport (hi tourists and students!)

4. Make proof of insurance a necessity in applying for financial aid or even to post-secondary schools

5. Make proof of application for insurance a necessity in getting a work visa (should take care of the immigration problem)

Anyone who can think of something even nastier gets a prize.

But what do you care? You’re sitting in front of a computer reading a blog and trying to find a decent recipe for capuccino, you’re not poor. But you may become deeper in middle-class consumer debt if you can’t get a job because the health insurance costs are killing all the nice little local businesses that constitute your community.

Now, as you all know from my other posts, I may talk nasty, but all of this is the straight truth and I’m putting it out here to help you. We have to plan how to undermine this law, and otherwise how to be able to work it into our expenses until it can be fixed. Don’t take my word for all this, look it up:

Can I raise some questions? Does it matter to anyone that this started as an attempt to get health care for all in an organized, public fashion? And do we really need the president’s top-priority domestic policy to be a show of business’ dominance? I though we already knew that business was in charge. And how does the bill handle  homelessness? The last time I looked at the bill at any length it was the really long earlier house version, but I’d love to hear from anyone who has more details than I do who can sharpen the picture.

Happy holidays, schmucks!



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2 Responses to It’s official – country to change name to Insurance-Industan

  1. Karl Wulf says:

    Obama is business-illiterate. The biggest impact on the economy is not the small business owners who go bankrupt. The biggest impacts are due to business owners and investors, both large and small, who
    1) choose to close or sell their businesses because of the increasing taxes, regulations, threatened benefit mandates, and poor economic outlook due to government-induced credit crunch, and those who
    2) choose to not expand, to lay off, and to contract their businesses for the same reasons as above, and those who
    3) choose to never invest or open a business that they otherwise would have with a business-friendly government

    Why disable the most able people…the entrepreneurs?…it doesn’t work because they will contract their businesses to save themselves from the parasites, and the first victims are always the others who have less ability to run a business…the employees of the business owners…most of us.

    Ayn Rand fans call this “going Galt”…when govt loots business, owners stop employing people, taking risks, and everyone gets poorer. The economy is driven by innovators and good managers making enough profit to weather economic storms. Transferring profit from the able to the less able during an economic crisis is like giving the bailout buckets to the weakest, slowest people on the ship. We’ll all sink faster, and the weakest swimmers will drown.

    • acardott says:

      quite. this is a nice expansion on what i was getting at. for instance, the small business employers in Santa Cruz, some of which are actually decent people that want to take care of their skilled employees, are currently being strangled by insurance regulation and are unable to provide their valuable workforce with basic coverage because of the package deals demanded of the little guy. i stress the little guy, the gutsy entrepreneur, because the big guys can afford to get looted, but we’re way past that.
      I must also stress that we not discount those who weather economic hardship, even when they materially can’t without disaster: the working poor. I get mean at the middle folks because they don’t realize what will happen if the poor’s extremely strong back is ever broken. This bill is one of the possible breakers. Secondly, no matter what happens to the poor and the middle, I must stress that the rich will get their oversized share, just like in the flow chart. The poor are some of the strongest swimmers, and we percieve them to be weak, even if we know that they’re doing the heavy lifting. I would say that, right now, the people who consider themselves immune to this bill’s problems are the weakest swimmers, and that’s the unskilled middle class. When they percieve themselves to begin to drown, we get these bailouts, and that’s where we’re at right now. Why not let some drown so we can learn from it?
      thanks for reading!

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